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Marvin Mann at Acme Reloading Supply and Used Guns

Marvin Mann at Acme Reloading Supply

As a child, I spent many joyful hours, going with my Dad to the sand dune target range near the Ammonoosuc River in the White Mountains of  New Hampshire. It was typically just my Dad and I. Once in a while, after shooting our .22s at tin cans and other targets, we would switch gears and find a nice big flat rock in the river, and see if we could catch some wily trout. Afterward, we would return home, and be treated to one of my Mother’s epicurean dinner’s. Wonderful and joyful memories. So, handling guns, and shooting, were always a favorite past time of mine. And, as time went on, reloading became a part of my gun life. I have many years of reloading experience, in both pistol and rifle chamberings.

My wife Merry and I retired to St. Augustine back in July 2001. I was not fully prepared to retire, but wanted to stay active and productive in a business that I would enjoy, and maybe make some money to supplement our retirement income. Moving to St. Augustine presented a unique reloading and shooting  problem. Where to purchase reloading supplies, where to shoot, how could I expand my knowledge and experience.

At first, I ordered my equipment and supplies online. Much of the time on-line vendors were out of stock, and sometimes they suggested substitutions. I soon realized that the person that I was speaking to, on the other end of the phone, had a limited knowledge  of reloading and really did not understand what it meant to change an otherwise fully developed rifle reloading recipe. Many times, I ordered one thing and got another. And, when my order finally did come in, it was disappointing when an essential item was back ordered. Shopping locally was a real problem. The only other reloading shop was a couple of hours from St. Augustine. I would call them and was told, “Yeah we got that.” Only to find that after driving 2 1/2 hours to get there, that, “someone just bought what you were looking for.” Not what you particularly want to hear after developing the perfect load for your rifle. It was a waste of a tank of fuel, half a day of traveling, and I was still empty handed. Plain unvarnished truth is that I couldn’t get what I needed either on line or locally.

The solution was obvious to me, I couldn’t be the only person experiencing these issues, there had to be others. While there are numerous gun shops in Northeast Florida, there were no reloading supply shops in this area. So, my plan was simple, create a reloading supply shop, and make sure that my reloading supply shop had all of the popular powder, primers, bullets and brass, along with reloading equipment. So, we started in a little nothing special shop on State Route 16. It was no more than 200 square feet. We had some used and beat up showcases, and used wooden shelving. But as luck would have it, the timing was right, and we were busy from day one. I have made some close connections with a few of my suppliers, which remain solid to this very day. When certain supplies are in short supply, Acme will be able to get them.

Acme Reloading Supply has the widest and most varied inventory of smokeless powders, a full assortment of primers, various bullets and brass. If we don’t have it, which is rare even these days, we will order it for you.

Acme has plenty of reloading powder    Acme has plenty of primers    Acme has plenty of reloading die sets
Acme Reloading has plenty of reloading accessories

We sell used guns.

In the beginning, I had no intention of dealing in firearms, except to buy them for my own collection. However, a friend of mine who had an FFL, needed a location to sell firearms from. So, even though the store was very cramped, I made room for him. We soon had to find another location. Merry and I found our current location at 1054 State Route 206. You can see from the pictures that our store is divided with reloading on the left and firearms on the right. My FFL friend decided to retire after only one year and I soon found myself with a Reloading Shop and Gun Store. Gun sales, primarily used gun sales, have grown ever since.

A word about my customers. . . I am proud to call many of my customer’s my friends, both reloading and firearms customers. Collectively, they represent 100’s of years of knowledge and experience. Indeed, between these wizards and myself, many a difficult reloading problem has been solved. You can count on Acme. We get it done.

Our inventory of used guns is eclectic. Every used firearms is in excellent condition, and is for sale at a fair price.
If it’s a new firearm you’re looking for, we can find it for you and at a great price.    Use us, if you need to buy elsewhere, as the transfer FFL. We only charge $50 per transfer, and we do a LOT of them. That’s because we make it quick, easy, and painless.

Marvin Mann, Owner 


We are located in Unit E, 1054 State Road 206 East in Saint Augustine, Florida 32086 

Directions to Acme from anywhere  << Click for directions

Our hours of operation are:  Tuesday through Friday  11:00 AM until 5:00 PM  and Saturday 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM

We sell all of the supplies for reloading center fire cartridge ammunition, both pistol and rifle. Primers, powder, bullets, brass, etc. We sell some shot shell reloading supplies, primers, lead shot, and presses. We do not sell black powder supplies. We do, however, have some of the smokeless black powder substitutes. We also have a pretty good inventory of factory ammunition for those who would rather just buy it.

We do not have recommendations for reloading classes at this time. Let us know if you recommend anybody. Two excellent sources of Reloading information can be found in either the Lyman Reloading Handbook or Lee’s Modern Reloading, which you usually have in stock.

Our phone number here at ACME is 904-794-6989. If that doesn’t work, try 904-315-8883.

We have a vast inventory, perhaps the finest anywhere in the area. However, we sometimes sell out of an item quickly and have to re-order. Those orders come in all the time. So, please stop in the store, and get your supplies while you can. We’ll happily accept and place your order.

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