Acme is open as an essential service

Acme Reloading Supply and Used guns is open during the Covid-19 crisis. We take your safety and our safety very seriously. The first thing we do in the morning after turning off the alarms and turning on the lights, is to totally wash down and sanitize everything in the store. Counter tops, guns, pens, cash register, bullets, supplies, and everything else that you might come in contact with. We typically have people waiting for us when we open, and we appreciate that you are there for us in the same way we hope and pray we can be there for you. Acme Reloading Supply and Used guns is fully stocked, and ready for each day. We would appreciate you wearing a mask when you come in. Marvin is in a couple of the high risk groups. Please help keep him safe, and he will continue to find and bring in the powders, primers, bullets, and used guns that you have been asking for.

While you are here, check out selection of used and new guns. Find a good deal elsewhere? Please give us the chance to match the deal. We are always buying single guns and Estate Sales. We have been very busy doing the $35 FFL transfers from other dealers. So, if we can’t match your deal from elsewhere, at least allow us to do the transfer.

Suffice it to say, we are open during the COVID-19 crisis, and eager for your business. We are a safe place to shop.

Thank you for your business

Marvin Mann – May 16th, 2020

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